How does it work?

We try to make the classes as easy as possible for our hosts. We provide everything that is needed to complete each project. However, before we can start a craft party there are steps we both need to take.

  • First a host needs to decide on a date and time for the event and submit the information through the Book a Party! page. Please allow 24 hours for us to confirm that we are available for the requested date.​​

  • After the date has been confirmed the host needs to select 3-4 design options for their guests. Check out our gallery for samples and titles

  • A custom event page will then be created for you and your guests to register and pay for the party. Please note: The host must pay for their ticket. In order to have the host's costs waived there must be 5 or more attendees (not including the host). Once 5 other people have purchased a ticket then a refund will be provided. 

  • The cost of a private event ranges from $35 for a 10"x10" size or $40 for a 12"x12". 

  • If payment is not received by at least 4 attendees one week prior to the scheduled date, the class will be cancelled. For more information about our policy on cancellations, please click on the link provided below. 

  • After payment is received by the minimum required number of attendees the class will be considered fully scheduled and placed on our calendar. At anytime you can contact us directly with any questions.

  • We provide tables and additional chairs if needed. We just need to know before hand. 

  • Last step is to enjoy!

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